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Maritime Logistics has two offshore vessels to meet your needs.

If the specifications you require are not noted below, please contact us to see if we can alter the layout to meet your needs.

M/V Surveyor is one of Maritime Logistics offshore fleet vessels.  It deploys from Morro Bay California.
M/V Surveyor

The M/V SURVEYOR was built by Universal Iron Works, in Houma, Louisiana in late 1972 as an Offshore Supply Vessel. The general arrangement is typical of Gulf offshore crew/supply/utility vessels with the cabin well forward and open aft deck.


The vessel has an over all length of 100’ 9”.  The registered dimensions are Length 92.8 x Breadth 24 x Depth 10.3 with an approximate draft of 7’ and a clear deck area of 912 sq. ft. which according to her stability letter will accommodate a 54 long ton deck load.


The hull is subdivided by 8 transversely framed water tight bulkheads and one longitudinally ¼” steel bulkhead welded on 3x4 L frames with approximate 24” spacing. Shell plating at sides and decks are 5/16” with a 3/8” bottom. She is subdivided with an anchor locker forward, followed by a storage void, then port and starboard ballast, followed by potable water and fuel oil tankage, then the engine room, aft ballast tanks, and steerage room.


Her gulf style house contains berthing accommodations for 14 and common area below the galley and  navigations rooms. The helm spans the full width forward. Aft of the house opens to clear decks, an A Frame mounted at the stern and a crane on the starboard rail.


She has recently undergone upgrades to her engines and her COI has been reissued for 20 Passengers plus 4 crew in accordance with Subchapter T and carries a stability letter.   


Principal Characteristics

Length (oa):                100’                      Length (wl):              92'  

Beam:                          25'                        Draft:                         7’

Load Deck      912 sq. ft.                        Deck Cargo:     54 long tons

Passenger Cap:   20 max                       Berths:                      14 total

Operating Crew:     4 to 5                      COI Range:               Oceans Total Ballast:     11,500 gal                     Fresh Water:          3,400 gal

Fuel Cap:          10,300 gal                      Range:                3,400 miles

Cruising Speed: 8.5 knots                     Max Speed:            11 knots




Main Engine:                 2 Detroit Diesel, 16V - 71

Main Horsepower:       600 hp ea, 1200 hp total @ 1800rpm

Generators:                  2ea, tier 2 Commins Onan 60kw

Generator Make:          John Deer

Transmissions:             Twin disc MG521 - 3:1 reduction

Air #1:                            2 Quincy, two stage compressors

Air #2:                            2 Quincy, two stage compressors

Propellers:                    2 each, 45  diameter x 33 pitch

Shafts:                           4" Stainless steel

Hydraulics:                   70 gpm pumps off of each generator

Deck Equipment

All deck equipment is optional


Crane:          Hydraulic Ramey knuckle crane 2000# all radius SWL

A Frame:                                                             Five ton max capacity

Assorted small deck winches and pullers available upon request


Safety and Navigation                                                                                                                            


       #1 JRC            JMA2344 - 72 mile

       #2 JRC            JMA2344 - 72 mile   


       # 1 ICOM       IC – M 700 Pro          

       #2 ICOM        IC – M 700 Pro    


        #1 JRC           JLR-10 compass         

        #2 Garmin  GPS Map 128

AIS:                        JRC

Fathometer:        JRC - Plot 500F with transducer & GPS

Autopilot:            Simrad - AP50


                             #1 JRC  JHS-32A GMDSS radio telephone 

                             #2 Standard with DSC

                             #3 Standard with DSC

Compasses:       Sperry / Ritchie                      

Alarms:               General, engine temp, oil, high-water, bilge

Electro Plotting: Nobeltec Admiral with MapTech charts

EPIRB:                  ACR Satellite 406

Life Raft:              25 man capacity SOLAS - A  

Life Rings:            3 USCG approved, 2 with lights

Life Jackets:         35 adult and  4 child                                

Life Sling:            1 Life Sling brand



Sleeping Berths:     14                             

Full Galley:              YES

TV:                            2                               

DVD Player:            1

Shower:                   1                               

Toilet:                       1

Hot Water:               A.O. Smith 50 gallon electric

Holding Tank:         CHT water 325 gallons

M/V Michael Uhl is one of Maritime Logistics offshore fleet vessels.  It deploys from Morro Bay California.
M/V Michael Uhl

The M/V MICHAEL UHL was built by John Graham, in Bayou La Batre, Alabama in late 1972 as an Offshore Supply Vessel. She has a model bow, moderate sheer, hard chine, and transom stern with half round rub strakes at deck and mid level with tire fenders along each side and across her stern.


Stoutly built of 5/16 welded steel plate over 3”x 4” L, frames on approximate 27” centers. She is subdivided by 8, athwart bulkheads beginning with Focs’le forward followed by the potable water tank, then three fuel oil tank, followed by the engine room, ballast tank, lazarette and finally an aft ballast to trim the stern.


Above the tankage but between frames 9 & 26 is berthing for 14 persons, followed by the machinery room’s frames 26 to 34. Her deck house sits well forward, with captains stateroom forward, galley to port, two heads to starboard, followed by the lounge / dining area, then opening to clear decks aft and an A Frame mounted at the stern.


She has recently undergone upgrades to her engines, which was sponsored by Santa Barbara California Air Board. Her COI was reissued for 30 Passengers plus 4 crew in accordance with Subchapter T and she carries a stability letter.    



Principal Characteristics

Length (oa):          87’                               Length (wl):   85'

Beam:                   24'                               Draft:             7’1”

Load Deck:          48’x 20’                        Deck Cargo:  59 long tons 

Passenger Cap:  30 max                         Berths:           16 total

Operating Crew: 4 to 5                           COI Range:     Oceans

Total Ballast:        36,923 gal                  Fresh Water: 12,000 gal

Fuel Cap:               15,475 gal                  Range:            5,600 miles

Cruising Speed:     8.5 knots                  Max Speed:   10 knots




Main Engine:           2 Detroit Diesel, 60 series

Main Horsepower: Electronic 400 hp ea, 800 hp total @1800rpm

Generators:             2ea, tier 2 Northern Lights 60kw

Generator Make:    John Deer

Transmissions:       Twin Disc  514 - 4:1 reduction

Air #1:                      Quincy, two stage compressors

Air #2:                      Rotary screw 90 CFM

Propellers:               2ea stainless 4" blade 52 diameter x 44 pitch

Shafts:                      4” Stainless steel

Hydraulics:              70 gpm pumps off of each generator

Centrifuge:               Alfa Laval – MAB 103 B

Deck Equipment

All deck equipment is optional

Crane:                                                Hydra Pro stiff arm HP 40/11T

A Frame:                                                           Five ton max capacity

Assorted small deck winches and pullers available upon request


Safety and Navigation 



             #1 Furuno        FR1945 - 64 mile

             #2 Furuno        Navtec - 72 mile                    


             # 1 ICOM          IC – M 700 Pro

             #2 ICOM           IC - M802                              


             #1 Garmin      GPS Map 180

             #2 Garmin      GPS Map 128

             #3 NAVTEX      Nav 4 Navtex NMEA

AIS:                                Furuno                       

Fathometer:                 Furuno     FCV - 271

Autopilot:                     Simrad -  AP50 


                                      #1 Icom – M302 with DSC

                                      #2 Standard Quest with ram mic

Compasses:                Sperry / Ritchie  # 6031318      

Alarms:     General, engine temp, oil, high-water temp, bilge

Electro Plotting:         Nobeltec Admiral with MapTech charts

EPIRB:                         ACR Satellite 406

Life Raft:                    25 man capacity SOLAS - A   

Life Rings:                  3 USCG approved, 2 with lights

Life Jackets:               37 adult                             

Life Sling:                   1 Life Sling brand

Spotlight:                    Perko

SART:                          SEA 2ea – sea 20



Sleeping Berths:       16                             

Full Galley:                 YES

TV:                               2 with Satellite - KVH G6                                  

DVD Player:               1   

Shower:                      1                               

Toilet:                          2

Hot Water:                 A.O. Smith 50 gallon electric

Holding Tank:            Gray/Black water 200 gallons

Minimum daily rate, including 4 crew: $5,700
For a 12 hour day
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